Valve Spring Height Micrometer For Small Diameter Beehive Valve Springs

The Valve Spring Height Micrometer for Small Diameter Beehive™ Valve Springs from COMPCams® is the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to measure valve spring installed height forsmall diameter Beehive™ Springs.Featuring a .600"-.950" range, the Valve Spring Height Micrometer for Small DiameterBeehive™ Valve Springs from COMP Cams® functions like a standard micrometer and isaccurate to .001". The micrometer is a precise and easy way to measure valve spring installedheight on modern cylinder heads where space is at a premium, as well as any other applicationsutilizing small diameter Beehive™ Valve Springs. This micrometer installs just like a valvespring; the tool is then expanded until it fully seats the valve, lock and retainer. Then, simplylook at the easy-to-read markings to find the correct install height. The micrometer is specificallyengineered to fit in tight cylinder heads and works perfectly with small diameter Beehive™springs.