StreetFighter® Converter, Ford, 1971-91 C6, 1.375" Crank Pilot (289, 302, 351, 400, 429, 460), Anti-Ballooning Plate

1971-91 C6, 1.375" Crank Pilot (289, 302, 351, 400, 429, 460) StreetFighter® Torque Converter With Anti-Balloon Plate

Designed with the street/strip application in mind, this torque converter benefits more radically prepared street machines (those with performance cams, aftermarket carbs and higher compression ratios) to bring the launch RPM in line with the performance enhancements. The StreetFighter® lets you take advantage of horsepower gains found in higher RPM ranges.

Features: Furnace-brazed fins, Needle bearings, hardened pre-ground pump hub, computer balanced, installation hardware included

Benefits: Higher RPM launches, quicker reaction times, lower elapsed times, better low- and mid-range power, 1500+ RPM increase in stall over stock

Flexplate must be drilled for 7/16” bolts

With heavy-duty front anti-ballooning plate for nitrous applications