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It is a well-known fact that many companies can go through the motions of grinding cams. However the horsepower ultimately delivered by a camshaft is determined long before it ever reaches a grinding machine.The fact of the matter is that regardless of how well the grinding process is executed, a cam is only as good as the design and engineering being applied.

Better Engineering Is The Real HP Secret Sure,we utilize state-of-the-art CNC cam grinding equipment operated by expert craftsman with decades of experience. But the real secret to making more usable horsepower can be traced to the COMP Cams® engineering department. They spend thousands of hours designing and testing camshaft concepts until the optimal lobe designs and matching components are found.That’s why comparing camshafts that at first glance seem to have similar lift and duration numbers just doesn’t tell the whole story.You owe it to your racing fortunes to look beyond a few general specs, to the hundreds of other critical specifications, measurements and tolerances that make the difference between middle of the pack and victory lane.

Direct Technology Transfer Delivers More HP By selecting a COMP Cams® GoParts™ camshaft you can rest easy knowing that the same design technology and engineering prowess that powers winners in the world’s most competitive forms of motorsports are integrated into your Kart or Jr.Dragster cam. In racing, there are many variables beyond your control; however, choosing the proper camshaft is not one of them.

Our Three Step Process For Cam Preperation All stock class camshafts are rough ground, then flame hardened, then the camshaft is finish ground. This gives the COMP Cams® GoParts™ camshaft extreme hardness and exceptional durability over ANY camshaft on the market. With the high acceleration rates of today’s camshafts, it takes quality to finish the race with a legal camshaft!

Camshaft Testing All of our camshaft combinations provide a true horsepower gain. All camshafts were developed on an Inertia Wheel (acceleration) Dynamometer followed by track testing. This superior testing equipment and aggressive track testing allow us to accurately develop the fastest and best components for your racing dollar. This superior testing equipment gives us the opportunity to measure the engines ability to accelerate a load. Water brake and hydraulic dynos measure the engines ability to resist a load. It is for this reason that our camshaft combinations perform on the race track superior to all others.

GoParts™ Quality You get what you pay for! COMP Cams® has been grinding the fastest camshafts in the world for over three decades. This quality and accuracy in grinding is manifested in our GoParts™ camshaft line. Quality in grinding, quality in durability, quality in performance.